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Pamper yourself - a consultation with Your Style will empower you to look your best.

You will be equipped with an 'appearance life skills kit' including colour swatches and a streamlined personal checklist for shopping.


Do you wonder What Not to Wear?What shape and garment length will flatter and enhance you? A few centimetres or changed angle can make a huge difference. Discover how you can dress to appear slimmer. Learn how to highlight your best features and conceal figure challenges - we all have them.

Do you wonder What Not to Wear? What is right for you? The answers will be revealed by scientific analysis - without a tape measure on you. This has nothing to do with weight. It is about bone structure and proportion. And you can keep your clothes on!

One and half hour consultation includes:

  • personalised notes and complimentary email follow-up.
  • $230.00 GST inclusive

“Susan’s advice is down to-earth, practical and empowering, and I did not have to replace my whole wardrobe.” - Kenina, Albany


Colours Convey Confidence. When you wear the correct colours, your skin will be more radiant and your eyes will sparkle. Discover how to choose the right colours for clothing, jewellery, and sunglasses. The intensity of a colour is the secret to choosing what really works for you. When you know your colours, shopping is easy. And yes - you can still wear black!

One and quarter hour colour consultation includes:

    • Colours Fan™
    • Personalised Information pack
    • Complimentary email follow-up.
  • Once in a lifetime investment: $195.00 GST inclusive
  • Colours consultation plus make-up lesson: (one and three quarter hours) $245.00 GST inclusive
  • Read 'Colour is a NO cost item in your wardrobe' >


One and half hours: $175.00
You can bring some clothes with you and Susan’s expert eye for colour can tell you in a flash if you are still on track.

Colours Consultation Auckland New Zealand“Having my colours done has given me a heightened awareness to colour. It’s amazing 'seeing' colours that I didn't notice (or chose not to!) before.” - Heather, National Park

“Thanks for your efforts and time, Susan, it was most appreciated. The Colours Consultation was quite productive and rewarding. Productive in the sense that I will not waste time and money on clothing that is clearly unsuited to me now, and rewarding in that I actually feel more comfortable with the attire I have. I enjoyed working with you as you made the process very easy and relaxed. You were well prepared, professional and have superb interpersonal skills whilst obviously maintaining a discreet and friendly service.” - Robert, Wellington


Are you suffering from CCS (Clogged Closet Syndrome)? If your wardrobe is better organised, you can make more imaginative choices. Most of us wear only 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Why hang on to the 80% you do not wear?

Susan will:

  • clear out the clutter, simplify and organise your wardrobe
  • show you new ways of wearing existing pieces
  • explain why some clothes are past their 'use by' date.

    $115.00 per hour plus mileage fee to your home, or you can bring your clothes to my Parnell studio. This service is carried out with sensitivity - yes, you can keep the heart-connected pieces.

“When I looked at the pile of clothes that Susan wisely eliminated from
my wardrobe, because I hated wearing them, I realised I could have had
the sports car of my dreams, instead of a wardrobe of disasters.”
- Pauline, Royal Oak, Auckland

“You made me look at my wardrobe differently. Less is more, that is how I like to furnish my home and garden, so that is how I am going to furnish myself but with a bit of fun also.”
- Robyn, Mt Eden, Auckland

Personal shopping service with Auckland fashion image stylist Susan AxfordPERSONAL SHOPPING IS CLEVER SHOPPING

No time to shop, can’t find the right outfit?

Do you walk in to a store, feel overwhelmed and wonder where to begin? Are you even in the right shop for you?

With Susan’s comprehensive knowledge of labels in all price ranges from chain store to designer labels, you will choose with confidence from off-the-rack or tailored garments. This is clever shopping. Make Your Style your fashion accessory - the must-have item each season that you cannot afford to be without.

Enjoy a personal shopping service that will save you time and money. Susan will accompany you to show you how to wardrobe shop and select items for you to try, and run in and out of the changing room for you.

You will love what you buy! Susan even does the driving, so there is nothing for you to think about, except your clothing choices. It’s all about you.

“Thank you for the shopping trip. I could not believe how hard you work
- running backwards and forwards, picking up and putting down, thinking
about all those clothes - I didn’t even have to think about where to park.
It was a fantastic experience and I love all the clothes we bought.”
- Janet, Browns Bay, North Shore

“I loved every minute of our shopping trip and still can’t believe we put it all together in just a few hours. It is your eye and energy that really makes it happen. I saw you on TV last night and couldn’t help but think how professional you are and how very lucky I am that you are my style master.”
- Jean, Mairangi Bay, North Shore

“Thank you so much for your fresh ideas, insights and heading me in the right direction. When I look at the shops now I am far more disciplined and have a much clearer idea of what I am looking for and the detail I require. This is wonderful!”
- Nora, Parnell, Auckland City

Too busy to go shopping yourself?

Susan can shop for you and bring a selection to your home or office. Or she can have everything organised for you in selected stores, so you can make your wardrobe choices in a few minutes.

Remember - Susan Axford is working for you, independent of any store, label or designer.

  • THIS SERVICE may be booked on an hourly basis, at $115.00 per hour.
  • Three-hour morning or afternoon, including complimentary coffee: $330.00.
  • Whole day, including complimentary lunch: $650.00.
    NOTE: You may choose to have your colours and style analysis before a shopping trip, to make the shopping more efficient.


One hour colour and style analysis at The Studio and two hours shopping in Newmarket or Auckland City $350.00. See more on Style for Men >


Sunglasses, jewellery, scarves, handbags, belts, shoes, boots can transform an outfit, bring it into a new season and give you and the outfit the lift it needs and transform you from looking good to looking great. Accessory shopping is fun and is often all your wardrobe needs.

“I could not believe the difference Susan’s choice of lipstick and accessories made to me in a couple of hours. The improvement was instantaneous.” - Chris, Melbourne

“That ‘handbag’ shopping was such a good example of using an expert to help you choose something that you will use everyday for a long time and getting the purchase right. I now have a very smart handbag which has lots of flair and I’m going to love.” - Jan, Mt Eden


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