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Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung and we've spring cleaned our closets so now the next step – what will we buy to fill in the gaps and update our look?

It is a season of colour and prints and something for everyone – be bold, be colourful, be playful, be pretty, have fun. Go for the graphic geometric prints or go wild with animal prints. Don’t be afraid to combine different patterns – mix blooming florals and wild animal prints and/or eye-catching graphics. The seventies is the inspiration for many of the patterns.

Bewildered by all this colour choice and not sure which hue to choose – then a colours consultation is the best way to ensure you wear the colours that suit you. Most New Zealand women have a love affair with black clothing, but if black is not your best colour why not wear what looks great on you. And this season colour is “the new black.”

Harmony is the essence of colour – aim for harmony with your hair colouring, eyes and skin tone and then take that into what you’re wearing. You want to wear the colour rather than the colour wear you. Experiment with different colours – hold them up to you and see whether they are enhancing you or draining you – choose the one that makes your eyes sparkle and skin glow. The wrong colour will drain you.

Have fun with colour and this is the season to embrace it. Choose from hot pink, bright red, emerald green, cobalt blue, strong purple, yellow, orange. And just when you thought that was enough, add in to the mix all the patterns and be prepared to clash your colours. A fruit salad has never looked so good.

But, wait there’s more – we’ve already got colour and pattern and now add sheen, liquid satin, or more subtle silk satin, which has lustre without the mirror finish. Metallics add a further option or touch of glamour – silver, gold or pewter, that does not matter as long as the finish is shimmering with glowing texture. Treat metallics as a neutral – you can combine all the metals, you do not need to match them. Not keen on metallic, get the shiny effect with patent accessories in bright colours as well as black.

In fact matching is a banned word this season. Patterns are not matched; colours are clashed and this is where opposites attract – combine purple with green; yellow and pink. And most importantly do not match your handbag and shoes – it’s fine to carry a hot pink bag and wear lime green slides.

If you have been wedded to black and safe dark colours for years, and are not too sure about the new rainbow of colour, handle with care and go gently. Start with a bright handbag or printed scarf or vivid nails. Or wear a bright printed top with a plain skirt.

"Thank you so much, I really enjoyed my afternoon with you.  I was so excited when I got home, headed straight for my wardrobe, took everything out and "interviewed" each piece one by one.  I now have a very organised wardrobe with only garments that do me proud!!   

I managed to go shopping yesterday - oh you would have been so proud of me!  I did exactly what we did when we were together, interviewed each garment, tried on what was worth trying on and bought what passed all the tests. 

I have been wearing my new garments and invested in a new lip pencil and lipstick (so many positive comments from clients). I am looking at colour with new eyes - am feeling really confident about my colours. Bought a fab scarf - in all my colours - I just love."

- Liz, Glendowie

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