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Susan Axford selects outfits for the former Mayor of Auckland, Dick Hubbard

The Herald on Sunday asked Susan Axford to select outfits for the new Mayor of Auckland, Dick Hubbard to wear to the official opening of the maternity ward at Auckland Hospital, and a visit to the Pasifika festival.

This is the interview that the Herald on Sunday published to accompany Susan's selection of outfits.

Herald on Sunday , 24th October 2004 issue

After considering Dick Hubbard's skin tones and personality, image consultant Susan Axford, of Your Style, thinks he suits warm, golden brown tones, which are the basis for his first outfit (to wear to the opening of the maternity ward).

"I wanted something that suited his colour, and was also in stark contrast to John Banks' style, which is usually dark suits with white shirts," she says. "Nothing too strong - he still needs to look like the mayor, but not too imposing."

The single-breasted jacket was chosen to work with Hubbard's physique, and the straight, flat-fronted trousers give a streamed lined look. The shoes are modern but classic, and interest is added with the colour and detailing of the shirt and tie. "I'd love to change his glasses," she says. "He has a strong face that needs balancing with strong frames."

For the day at Pasifika, Axford chose to dress Hubbard in a pinstripe jacket over a casual long sleeved t-shirt, shirt and jeans. "As a mayor, he should have a jacket, but it's good to have the option of being able to take it off if it's hot." The detailing on the white shirt ensures it does not seem too businesslike, as does the distressed finish on the shoes. The lenses of the sunglasses are graduated so his eyes are still visible, showing he's open and honest.


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