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Are you suffering from CCS (Clogged Closet Syndrome)?

If your wardrobe is better organised, you can make more imaginative choices. Most of us wear only 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Why hang on to the 80% you do not wear?

Susan will:

  • clear out the clutter, simplify and organise your wardrobe
  • show you new ways of wearing existing pieces
  • explain why some clothes are past their “use by” date.
$115.00 per hour plus mileage fee to your home, or you can bring your clothes to my Parnell studio. This service is carried out with sensitivity - yes, you can keep the heart-connected pieces.

“When I looked at the pile of clothes that Susan wisely eliminated from
my wardrobe, because I hated wearing them, I realised I could have had
the sports car of my dreams, instead of a wardrobe of disasters.”
- Pauline, Royal Oak

“You made me look at my wardrobe differently. Less is more, that is how I like to furnish my home and garden, so that is how I am going to furnish myself but with a bit of fun also.”
- Robyn, Mt Eden


Do you have:

  • a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

  • limited time to shop for yourself?

  • a budget, but love to look stunning?

  • trouble finding clothes you really like?

  • shopping mistakes in your wardrobe?

Do you want to:

  • look slimmer and taller?

  • enjoy shopping for a new outfit?

  • give your confidence a boost?

Do you feel:

  • overwhelmed when you go shopping?

  • disappointed with your purchases?

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