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Style, Colour and Shopping Articles

  • Figuring out your style
    Getting the once-over from an appearance expert gives Gill South the confidence to put her best foot forward
  • Susan Axford: personal shopper extraordinaire
    The stylist in the upcoming episodes of hit TV show, ten years younger, Susan Axford is an A-lister stylist with a dedication to making her clients, whose ages range from teens to 70 plus, feel better about themselves by knowing how to look their best.
  • Winning the Wardrobe War
    Is there anything as aggravating as our clothes? Bought in hope - even when we're not sure they suit us - our unworn garments can cram our closets for years. We pull them out, try them on, sigh. and yearn for a personal style consultant. Lauren Hamilton goes looking for advice.
  • Kiwi Women Should Grow Old Gracefully - Survey
    Kiwi women want to ‘grow old gracefully’ rather than attempt to turn back the clock with cosmetic procedures - according to a new study.
  • Still crazy about Coco
    A new book about Coco Chanel captures the spirit of the great designer. Here Viva explores how Chanel revolutionised women's fashion, and why, even 25 years after Karl Lagerfeld took over, the label remains as iconic as ever.
  • Your Style and Bloke's Bible in Herald On Sunday
  • Colour is a NO cost item in your wardrobe
    Whether you buy a red, blue or white shirt the price will be similar.
  • How to Dress the Part
    Somewhere along the line a person coined the phrase 'dress for the job you want, not for the job you've got.'
  • Fashions - Derby Day
    Boxing Day at Ellerslie Racecourse, Auckland is traditionally the day when New Zealand thoroughbred racing lets fashion show its sporting side.
  • Parnell Man
    Metrosexual, retrosexual, letcherosexual - may just be labels. But they are indicative of the fact that men are taking more of an interest in their appearance and grooming.
  • Help at hand with a style makeover
    Personal shoppers as marriage counsellors - it sounds distinctly odd but there is no doubt that these professional fashionistas can occasionally have a real effect on relationships.
  • Spring has sprung
    Spring has sprung and we've spring cleaned our closets so now the next step – what will we buy to fill in the gaps and update our look?
  • Spring clean your closet
    A new season, new resolutions, and the perfect time for a spring clean of our wardrobes.
  • Style cue from the boss
    How you are regarded at work has a lot to do with presentation, says Paul Barrett, adjunct professor of psychometrics and performance management at the Auckland University faculty of business.
  • Wear What You Like to Work
    What to wear? Pin stripes or polka dots? Patent leather or canvas?
  • Wonderful working wardrobes
    You are what you wear. Or at least, sometimes. Here Susan Axford offers tips and practical help on decluttering your wardrobe to ensure you are making the best use of the clothes that you own that help you feel your best.
  • Susan Axford selects outfits for the former Mayor of Auckland, Dick Hubbard
    The Herald on Sunday asked Susan Axford to select outfits for the new Mayor of Auckland, Dick Hubbard to wear to the official opening of the maternity ward at Auckland Hospital, and a visit to the Pasifika festival.

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